Cold-rolled and hot-dip structural steel now available as bluemint® Eco Steel

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Mild Steel UK


perdur® wear resistant steel is available in various grades from 300 HBW to 600 HBW and plate thicknesses from 4,00 mm to 100 mm, tailored to particular applications, e.g. mining equipment, earthmoving machinery, steel mill and cement plant equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.


Our hot-rolled strip for cold-rolled purposes: scalur® is suitable for direct processing, in the same way that a cold strip would be. Its thickness tolerances are as low as ± 0,05 mm while a very flat profile is maintained.

ZM EcoProtect®

ZM EcoProtect® is an anti-corrosion coating withfeatures that make it ideal for numerous uses in theconstruction industry. The high-quality zinc-magnesiumcoating offers high corrosion protection as well asenhanced cost efficiency, improved eco-friendlinessand outstanding processing properties for a varietyof parts and applications.


As Europe's coil coating pioneer, we produce organic coil-coated material solutions that convince in every respect. Under the pladur® brand, we offer customers from the home appliance, trailer and door-&-gate industry as well as from multistory and industrial construction an almost infinite variety of top-quality products. Organic coil-coated flat steel made by thyssenkrupp Steel has been offering a variety of advantages for 60 years now: cost-effectiveness, functionality, ease of processing, sustainability, and a wide range of surfaces.


The steel grades in the perform® series are low-carbon micro-alloyed steels which are thermomechanically rolled. The low carbon and alloying element levels, the cleanness of the steels with their low sulfur content and the special rolling process results in excellent properties including good cold formability, weldability and toughness.perform® sheets are cut-to-length from hot-rolled strips and are available in thicknesses up to 12 mm.