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What is ZM EcoProtect®

ZM EcoProtect® is an anti-corrosion coating with features that make it ideal for numerous uses in the construction industry.

The high-quality zinc-magnesium coating offers high corrosion protection as well as enhanced cost efficiency, improved eco-friendliness and outstanding processing properties for a variety of parts and applications.

ZM Ecoprotect® for the best outer skin


thyssenkrupp Steel stands for the highest surface quality and offers all typical automotive coatings in the best outer skin quality. With ZM Ecoprotect® there is a zinc coating which is characterised by excellent processing properties and high corrosion protection.


Corrosion protection: enhanced

The special zinc-magnesium coating ZM EcoProtect® offers much greater corrosion resistance than a conventional hot-dip zinc coating. That’s not just an advantage in contact with, for example, salt-containing media, but also provides enhanced protection of cut edges.

Cost efficiency: increased

Outstanding corrosion protection means parts last longer, contributing to increased cost-efficiency. In addition, the use of ZM EcoProtect® means costly post-galvanizing can be dispensed with.

Coating weight: reduced

The corrosion resistance of ZM EcoProtect® is so high that even with a significantly reduced coating thickness the same level of protection is achieved. The resultant zinc savings contribute to efficient, eco-friendly use of resources.

Formability and paintability: good

When it comes to processing, ZM EcoProtect® outperforms conventional galvanized steel. Better forming properties are part of this, as is good paintability and suitability for all thermal and mechanical joining techniques.

How ZM EcoProtect® pays off

ZM EcoProtect® with its special composition of at least 1 % aluminium and 1 % magnesium provides not only longer product life but also a long list of impressive quality features.

  • Increased corrosion protection, even with a reduced coating weight

  • Enhanced corrosion protection on bend shoulders and cut edges

  • Resistant to under-paint corrosion creep

  • High weathering resistance (validated in salt spray test)

- in humid and rough climates (corrosion-promoting environment)

- in agriculture (chloride- and ammonia-containing and highly alkaline environments)

  • Straightforward bonding and welding (comparable with zinc)

  • Cost-effective alternative to post- galvanizing

  • Conserves resources through reduced zinc usage

  • Good protection during long storage periods (oiled, chemically passivated or sealed)

Where ZM EcoProtect® pays off

Racking and Support Frames

Outdoor racking and supports are perfect for ZM EcoProtect® . The weather will not be an issue with corrosion to the supports.

Cable Ducts

External cable ducts are susceptible to the weather and can become unusable when corroded.


Silos are installed 99% of the time outside and in areas where shelter is limited. So the metal can become corroded, thin then holes can appear. This will result in crop loss. With the anti-corrosion coating this will be a thing of the past.


Safety when working at height is paramount and if an unchecked ledger frame, horizontal or brace that is corroded is used, then this may cause scaffolding failure. Why take the risk when our material is highly corrosion resistant.

Window Profiles

Nobody wants a leaking, drafty window, as the water has corroded out the frames. ZM EcoProtect® allows for the metal to be last much longer in use.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are an element of security for your belongings. If corroded this can cause the door to fail or leak.


The components for the frames that the cover is applied to can be made from ZM EcoProtect®

Sandwich Panels and Liner Trays

An integral part of a building which can sometimes be hidden from view thus harder to see any corrosion and or any issues. ZM EcoProtect® can allow some peace of mind that corrosion will be limited.


Whether compared with a conventional zinc coating

or with other metallic coatings: ZM EcoProtect® is

always the better option.

Compared with a conventional Z275 zinc coating, ZM EcoProtect® provides at least the same level of protection if not better even as ZM140 with a 50 % reduced coating.

Various corrosion tests have shown that ZM EcoProtect® has clear advantages over conventional coatings. The special zinc- magnesium coating minimizes under-paint corrosion creep at scratches and cut edges. No matter which coated steel you take: ZM EcoProtect® resists rust for longer.

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Have you seen our new tkSTEELbay? Click to Discover More

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