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Metal Suppliers

thyssenkrupp is a long established supplier and a world leader in metal supplies. We carry a vast standard range of metal products in different grades, shapes and sizes in our network of branches throughout the UK and also offer sourcing supplies with the help of our global network of companies. Our metal catalogue includes:


Steel is a widely used material in various industries largely because of strength. At thyssenkrupp, we supply different types of steel, which include stainless steel, mild steel and structural steel. Each of these types comes in different grades that are engineered specifically for different applications in various conditions and stresses. With our vast offering of steel products, our customers can look to us for all their steel metal needs regardless of the applications or specifications of their project. We have the infrastructure to offer orders for both bulk, mill quantities as well as smaller orders for split packs.


We also offer various types of aluminium metal products in varying grades, shapes, sizes and forms. Our aluminium is sourced from our global list of approved suppliers ensuring that all material is supplied to the relevant European standards. In addition to supplying a large range of standard products, our sales, purchasing, operations and logistics teams have extensive knowledge in end to end supply of bespoke aluminium extrusion ensuring that your specific design is purchased to accurate tolerances, as well as stored, managed and transported appropriately. In line with our dedication to offering quality products, all our metals are accompanied by a certificate of conformity and the traceability of the material is maintained at all times through our comprehensive quality management systems.

Our other services include: