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Guillotining and waterjet cutting

Waterjet Cutting

As well as stockholding, thyssenkrupp Materials UK has access to some of the most advanced flat product cutting facilities in the industry. Whether it’s individual guillotine cuts or more intricate, multi cut shapes, we have facilities to assist.

Waterjet Cutters

Waterjet cutting specialises in cutting hard materials like granite and metal. The machines, used for these applications, use high-pressure jets of water. The water can be mixed with sand or another strong, abrasive substance for faster processing.

Waterjet cutting is preferred for materials that don’t handle intensive heat well. Most factory machine parts are shaped using this process. The aerospace and mining industries also rely heavily on waterjet cutting.

The use of water prevents any change in the material's intrinsic properties due to heat generation, making waterjet cutting perfect for the most intricate material cuts.

In our group, we have access to 9 waterjet cutting machines offering an impressive range of capabilities:

MachineHole Location (mm)Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length (mm)Cutting Heads
Bystronic Byjet L12030+/- 0.15mm0-1003000120002
Warricut HWE-P 2040+/- 0.15mmtbc200040002 + Microjet
Bystronic Byjet L6030+/- 0.15mm0-100300060002 + 1 Drill Head
Bystronic Byjet 4022+/- 0.15mm0-100220040002
Bystronic Byjet Flex+/- 0.15mmtbc300040002
Warricut HWP-6050/2-3D/2D/DH+/- 0.15mmtbc500060002 (2D & 5-Axis)
Flow WMC2 DWJ 4020 Dynamic+/- 0.15mm15-200200040002
Flow MACH3 Dynamic+/- 0.15mm15-200
Flow MACH3 Dynamic+/- 0.15mm15-200200040001 - Dynamic

Sheet shearing / Guillotine Services

Various machining processes can be used to shape metal sheets, depending on the objective. Guillotine sheet metal cutting provides a comprehensive solution to shaping metal sheets with varying sizes, scales and dimensions.

Guillotining can serve as a single part of the metal shaping process or a complete process in the production of metallic equipment.

The process uses a mechanised CNC cutting machine that guides the sheet to ensure exact measurements and angles, as per the requirements of the client.

What are the Advantages of Guillotine Sheet Metal Cutting?

There are various processes that can be used in metal shaping, depending on the objective. The process of guillotine cutting also comes with various advantages, which have seen it become one of the most important services in metal shaping.

Quicker turnaround time

Guillotine cutting is fast and efficient, particularly where sheets need to be cut to the same size. Using this process, we can work on multiple sheets at the same time by stacking them on top of each other. Despite the fast turnaround, guillotine cutting doesn’t affect the quality of the finished job. As a result, these services are perfect for high volume metal sheets that are used for the manufacturing of on-demand products.

A simple yet convenient approach

The simplicity and convenience of guillotining make the process effective and efficient. Coupled with our skilled guillotine operators, you're assured of exceptional results for all sizes of projects.

Unrivalled accuracy

Our range of guillotine machines feature the latest guiding and measuring technology to ensure absolute accuracy for every job. What's more, the metric can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the job in question. Each of the cuts and angles on the workpiece, no matter how intricate, is completed with precision and uniformity.

Cleaner finishes

Guillotines are designed to produce clean, perfectly sheered and accurate cuts on metal sheets. The blades slice through the toughest alloys and thicknesses with ease for a fine cut and perfect finish.

Minimise wastage, save costs

With heightened accuracy and efficiency, it’s easy to minimise wastage of the workpieces. At thyssenkrupp Materials UK, this benefit is further enhanced by our skilled team, who maximise the use of each workpiece, without affecting or changing the requirements of the project.

thyssenkrupp Materials UK – A Leading Guillotine Cutting Service Provider

It's not enough to identify guillotine cutting as the ideal service for your requirements. Having a machining service that understands your needs, has an experienced team and can deliver both small and large orders on time is just as crucial. This is why thyssenkrupp Materials UK is a leading guillotine service provider in the UK.

Accuracy and precision-oriented

Our primary goal is to complete every task to order. We have invested in the latest guidance and measurement technology to guarantee precision in the completion of every task according to the needs of our clients.

Capable of handling various materials

We can handle various metal sheet alloys with our vast experience and machinery, including stainless steel sheets of up to 3mm thickness and aluminium of up to 6mm. Our warehouses are well-equipped to handle large workpieces of up to 2500mm in width and 3000mm in length.

Strategic location

Our guillotine centres are strategically located in the UK for easy processing and delivery of client orders. Our experienced guillotine operators and warehouses have the capacity to complete single cuts and multi-cut orders in any quantity.

Comprehensive machining solutions

thyssenkrupp Materials UK is a leading machining service provider offering an extensive range of services.

Our other services include waterjet cutting, coil pressing, fabrications, supply chain management, and bar and plate cutting. We have a total of eight strategically located warehouses, fully equipped and holding a full range of metals, including aluminium and stainless steel sheets of all standards, sizes and thicknesses.

For more information on our guillotine cutting services or our other services, get in touch with us today for fast, efficient and quality service delivery.

Our capabilities are:

Metal Maximum thickness Minimum width Maximum width Minimum length Maximum length
Stainless Steel3mm100mm2500mm100mm3000mm
Metal Maximum thickness Minimum width Maximum width Minimum length Maximum length
Stainless Steel3mm100mm2500mm100mm3000mm

thyssenkrupp Materials (UK)

thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) Ltd is part of thyssenkrupp AG, which is present in over 80 countries, has built a reputation of credibility, integrity, expertise, and consistency.

In the UK, we have six strategically located warehouses and processing centres well equipped to meet the needs of our customers. We hold a full range stock of a variety of metals including aluminium sheeting in all standards, sizes, and thicknesses. We also offer a variety of services to our clients to allow us to deliver their bespoke materials.

Our range of services includes waterjet cutting, guillotining, coil processing, supply chain management, aluminium fabrication, and plate and bar cutting. Get in touch with our stock holding team today for all your metal needs and services.