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Our Mild Steel division operates on sales purely based upon the production capacity offered by our thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG mill in Germany, primarily selling to service centres and third party processors.

One of the leading suppliers across the UK

One of the most common forms of steel, Mild Steel is relied upon in every day use across many industries and sectors. Commonly used in the engineering, construction and automotive industry, Mild Steel is highly versatile, cost-effective and importantly, durable. With its high durability, steel can be relatively easily modified depending on the project and application.

Why choose Mild Steel?

There are a number of benefits of using mild steel over other traditional metals. Its application is vast and relied upon every day, below are just a few advantages of using Mild Steel over other available forms of metal such as stainless steel.


Flexibility is one of the main benefits of Mild Steel over its counterpart steels. When welding, you require steel that can withstand the heavy strains of electricity without damaging the steel. Due to the properties of the metal, it can withstand powerful electric currents without distorting the 'make-up' of the material. Not only does this save on material costs, it also saves money spent on labour and electrical costs with the ideal finished product as per industry standards.


As one of the least expensive of all steel types, this metal is a commonly used in the engineering and construction industry. Offering strength and malleability, Mild Steel contains carbon contents between 0.16% and 0.29% making it easy to shape.

This metal can be produced in mass with a far reduced cost compared to other steels, making it a prime choice of steel across industries.


With its benefit of being highly flexible, mild steel can be recycled without losing its quality and because of its magnetic property mild steel can easily be recovered and sorted from other waste.


There are many everyday objects that are made from Mild Steel. Here are some applications of where Mild Steel is used across industries:

  • Structural steel

  • Signs

  • Automotive

  • Furniture

  • Decorations

  • Wire

  • Fencing

  • Nails

  • Pipes

  • Architectural

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