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scalur® – pickled hot-rolled steel with very tight thickness tolerances

scalur® – pickled hot-rolled steel with very tight thickness tolerances

Our hot-rolled strip for cold-rolled purposes: scalur® is suitable for direct processing, in the same way that a cold strip would be. Its thickness tolerances are as low as ± 0,05 mm while a very flat profile is maintained.

The pickled hot-rolled steel scalur® is manufactured at the continuous strip plant (CSP) in Duisburg. The flat strip displays uniform properties and consistently high product quality over the entire strip length and width. Because of the very thin bandwidths that the CSP produces, scalur® is especially suitable for stamped, pressed and drawn parts. And due to the very tight tolerances that this product offers, the ordered thickness can be reduced, meaning that you will receive additional meters of strip with every order.

Advantages at a glance

Very tight tolerances offer cost advantages and the potential for lightweight construction

Consistently high product quality

Resource-friendly production that combines casting and rolling

Good for the environment and for your wallet

We produce scalur® at the continuous strip plant in Duisburg Bruckhausen. The CSP combines the normally separated production steps continuous casting and hot rolling: The steel streams fluidly out of the CSP and is cut and then cooled off directly afterwards.

The rather thin band withs, as well as the uniform properties of scalur®, can, among others, be attributed to this special production process at our thyssenkrupp Steel facility. Thanks to the innovative way of manufacturing, we do not need to further process the hot strip at the cold strip mill. This means that you will get the same excellent product quality at a lower price point. Moreover, not only does your wallet benefit when you order scalur®, but so does the environment: When comparing the production process of the CSP to that of a conventional hot strip production, the CSP production saves more than 60 percent energy.

Sample Applications

Stamped, pressed and drawn parts

scalur® is perfect for direct pressing of parts whether its for automobiles, electronics or goods. Its tolerances make it the right choice.

Belt retractor housings

Safety is paramount for all mechanisms related. scalur® is used to make the housing with the seat belt retraction systems are held.

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Have you seen our new tkSTEELbay? Click to Discover More

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Speak to the Team