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Damping Composite Material: bondal®

Bondal® Steel is our solution to combine structure born noise-damping with cladding material.

Usage of Bondal® Steel meets the need to create a higher comfort level in an easily applicable and an environmental friendly method.

Bondal® Features

Weight reduction

This damped cladding material requires no extra structure born damping material to reduce the vibrations in this sheet material.

High damping

Due to the damping of the very thin viscoelastic layer it is possible to replace the regular structure born noise-damping with an internal damping layer of 0,05 mm. The acoustical performance of Bondal® Steel is mentioned in the graphic below.

Quick and Easy

Applying Bondal® Steel as a damped cladding part of the ship substantially reduces the amount of onboard labour and drying times which are required by using anti drumming pastes with counter sheets and/or spray coatings on similar steel surfaces.

How is it made?

Multi-layer damping material is proven to be the best way to realise a high damping. Therefor our product developments are based on this method. To minimize the onboard labour, we deliver our products in the multilayer version.

Bondal® Applications


Vibration damping of low-frequency energy in any used substrate surface of industrial machinery or casings.


Structure born noise damping of decks, bulkheads and other surfaces for steel, aluminium or composite yachts.


Damping of body parts such as doors, roof, firewall and trunk. Also vibration reduction in suspension systems.

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Speak to the Team