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organic coil coating flat steel - pladur

What is pladur®?

As Europe's coil coating pioneer, we produce organic coil-coated material solutions that convince in every respect. Under the pladur® brand, we offer customers from the home appliance, trailer and door-&-gate industry as well as from multistory and industrial construction an almost infinite variety of top-quality products.

Organic coil-coated flat steel made by thyssenkrupp Steel has been offering a variety of advantages for 60 years now: cost-effectiveness, functionality, ease of processing, sustainability, and a wide range of surfaces.

The key to these benefits is the organic coil coating process, which thyssenkrupp Steel has decisively influenced in Europe. It enables us to produce our composite material pladur® from corrosion-resistant steel with different properties and paint or film coatings − all in one continuous process.

60 years pladur® - What a Journey So Far......

pladur® has been developed and engineered throughout its lifetime of 60 years, becoming better and better

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Advantages at a glance:

Ease of processing: Our pladur® can be shaped into any form − without compromising quality.

Cost-effectiveness: Be it sheet or strip, compared to classical individual coating of piece good, you save time, storage and production costs while ensuring top quality.

Sustainability: We produce pladur® from flat carbon steel in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving manner. What is more, this steel is 100% recyclabl

A wide range of surfaces: We offer paint and film surfaces from deep matt, through high-gloss, smooth or with a light texture modelled on nature down to custom designs − and that in every conceivable colour.

Functionality: Our products are resistant to corrosion and UV radiation, durable, robust and easy to clean.

Selected pladur® products

pladur® Relief Icecrystal

Cooly Elegant Facades

pladur® Deluxe

matt-look facades

reflections Pearl

facades with a matt metallic look

pladur® for Automotive/Trucks

More environmental protection, more safety and cost efficiency are important issues in the automotive industry. As a long-standing partner, the steel business of thyssenkrupp understands these requirements and provides comprehensive industry-specific expertise with regard to material as well as technology.

  • pladur® Basic

  • pladur® Cool

  • pladur® Durable

  • pladur® Multishell

  • pladur® Primed

  • pladur® Proved

  • pladur® Strong

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pladur® for doors & gates

pladur® for multistory construction

pladur® for home appliances

  • pladur® Aesthetic

  • pladur® Aesthetic Print

  • pladur® Metal Look

  • pladur® Primed

  • pladur® Smooth

  • pladur® Smooth Plus

  • pladur® Structured

  • pladur® Thermosafe

State-of-the-art coil coating technology: variety of colors and surfaces made of steel

thyssenkrupp Steel has state-of-the-art, organic coil coating lines on which we manufacture our pladur® products in an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manner. We are constantly expanding our portfolio. In doing so, we attach great importance to customer orientation: In all coil coating developments, we pay attention to the application area and function, and even adapt our products to the manufacturing process of our customers. The spectrum of surface finishes of pladur® ranges from deep matt through high-gloss, smooth, with a light texture modeled on nature down to custom designs. Bending, drawing, press braking, profiling, stamping and roll forming − our organic coil-coated strip and sheet can be shaped without any problems. Moreover, we set great store by protection: pladur® products from thyssenkrupp Steel are optimally protected against corrosion and UV radiation − and EDP-certified.

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Have you seen our new tkSTEELbay? Click to Discover More

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Speak to the Team