perform® series are low-carbon micro-alloyed steels which are thermomechanically rolled.

Hot forming | thyssenkrupp Steel

Our hot forming steels allow to reduce costs and weight – owing to their high strength in conjunction with good forming properties.

▶️ What is hot forming? Hot forming is a forming technology in steel processing. It is the leading production technology. In this process, the steel is heated to up to 900°C and then formed into the desired shape. Then the part is quenched to achieve high strength.

▶️Where are hot formed products used? Especially in the automotive industry, maximum strengths and good forming properties of steel as well as low material consumption and excellent dimensional stability are of great importance, especially for crash-relevant components such as B-pillars.

▶️What are the advantages of hot forming? Compared with cold forming, hot forming of steels permits significantly higher part complexity at low press forces. Hot-formed body parts meet requirements for weight reduction while offering equivalent stiffness, high strength, good dimensional accuracy and improved crash behavior.

▶️thyssenkrupp Steel and hot forming With decades of experience in hot forming and as a proven partner to the auto industry, we are ideally placed to provide you with expert advice. Our test center with state-of-the-art hot forming equipment enables us to reproduce the processes used in production on a laboratory scale. We can provide extensive support during vehicle development – from part design to production readiness – through various analyses (e.g. thermography or forming).

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