Wear-resistant cut-to-length sheets and strong partnerships have a new name: perdur®

perdur® stands for performance

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perdur® steels from thyssenkrupp are wear-resistant steels with excellent workability and exceptionally high toughness. perdur® stands for "performance" and "durability", i.e. for particularly pronounced wear resistance. Hardnesses of 400 and 450 HBW and sheet thicknesses from 4.0 to 8.0 mm make these steels ideal for a wide range of applications, from moderate wear to heavy abrasion.

Modern, low carbon equivalent alloying concepts that are optimally matched to the thickness range ensure good cut- ting and welding properties.

These steels are ideal for applications subject to wear such as:

1. Tipper bodies
2. Agricultural machinery 3. Snowplow blades
4. Laser-cut parts
5. Scrap containers

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perdur® stands for wear-resistant partnerships that stand the test of time

perdur® stands for wear-resistant partnerships that stand the test of time

Our perdur® cut-to-length sheets underline our goal to provide comprehensive customer service from materials consulting and innovation to application and process optimization.

When it comes areas of application that are subject to excessive and continuous stress, perdur® is the product that you and your customers to rely on.

A perdur® upgrade for your customers:

  • Wear-resistant steels used on the tail lifts of garbage trucks last up to three times longer than conventional structural steel.

  • perdur® sheets allow for lightweight construction and a lower vehicle dead weight, as well as significant fuel savings that also benefit the CO2 footprint during operation. Especially in the tightly scheduled loading mode (start & stop).

  • Use in side walls enables larger, flat surfaces for advertising and markings.

  • Brand quality by thyssenkrupp made in Germany.

Wear-resistant cut-to-length sheets now available as bluemint® Eco Steel