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All of the coil stock listed below is available for despatch within 48 hours and the plate stock within 72 hours.

For coil stock, we can offer a decoiled and cut to size service. Contact us to find out more about our coil stock.

All plates are on the shelf and available for quick delivery. Contact us to enquire about our plate stock.

Weekly Specials

Mega ProductGradeSizeCoil No / BatchWeightTest Certificate
HRS460MC Dry10.0 x 1000627802119.78On Request
HRS600MC Dry4.00 x 1220TBC50.00
HRS600MC Dry4.00 x 1250TBC50.00
HRS600MC Dry5.00 x 1250TBC50.00
HRS600MC Dry6 x 1250TBC50.00


Mega ProductGradeSizeCoil No/ BatchWeightTest Certificate


Wear Perform 400 SB&P6 x 2500 x 60002
Wear Perform 400 SB&P8 x 2500 x 600040
Wear Perform 400 SB&P10 x 2500 x 600019
Wear Perform 400 SB&P12 x 2500 x 60004
Wear Perform 400 SB&P15 x 2500 x 600038
Wear Perform® 400 SB&P20 x 2500 x 60006
 Wear Perform 400 SB&P 25 x 2500 x 600016
Wear Perform 400 SB&P40 x 2500 x 60003
Wear Perform 400 SB&P50 x 2500 x 60003
Wear Perform® 450 SB&P40 x 2500 x 60001

Buy Steel Coil Online

thyssenkrupp are one of the world leaders in the production and supply of materials. Our vast array of materials includes high-strength flat rolled steel coils ideal for various industrial and manufacturing applications.

The steel coils come in various widths and thicknesses to suit multiple applications. Some of the typical uses for steel coils include:

·         Agricultural roof panels

·         Automotive and shipbuilding

·         Petrochemical and chemical industry

·         Electricity power stations

·         Pre-engineered walls

·         Architectural building panels

·         Aerospace materials

Steel coils ready to purchase online

Our steel coils are available both hot and cold rolled. As hot rolled, we offer the steel coil in various finishes, which include hot rolled black as well as hot rolled oiled and hot rolled pickled. The hot-rolled oiled steel coils use a film of oil to prevent rusting and corroding. 

Cold rolled steel coils are more durable, have greater strength and a smoother surface, making them a more finished product.

For customers with bespoke needs, we also produce steel coils in other finishes and formats like coated steel and aluminized finish.

Cold-rolled Strip

Cold-rolled strip is superior to hot strip in terms of surface condition and formability. It also features closer tolerances and is available in smaller thicknesses. Cold-rolled flat products are extremely versatile and come in a host of varieties for a wide range of applications: in the automotive industry, enamelling operations, the manufacture of tubes and tube sections, drums and barrels, or in the construction industry and the sanitary sector.

One of the leading suppliers across the UK

thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) is an established supplier of steel and steel products. Our industry-leading technology, service, and capacity to deliver both large and small orders sets us head and shoulder above the rest. 

In addition to our stock materials, we also supply bespoke products matching your specific applications.

To complement our established material production, we also have a network of branches and fully-fledged logistics division to allow our customers comfortably place their steel coil orders online and have them delivered on location and on time.