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thyssenkrupp Materials Aluminium


Aluminium is becoming more popular due to its versatility, strength and environmental sustainability and for this reason, thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) have invested heavily in ensuring that we offer the quality and service that you would expect from a global leader in material supply and we hold in stock many of the commonly used forms of aluminium in various alloys.

In addition to these standard items, we also stock bespoke or ‘special’ items that are tailored to meet our customers exact requirements. To find out more about non-standard items and how we can help, why not contact us.

Aluminium is produced from the aluminium ore - bauxite. The compound is found a few meters below the ground and is usually strip mined. After mining, the ore is ground and refined and the alumina is separated from bauxite using a process of electrolysis involving a solution of hot caustic soda and lime. This process is energy intensive and is a large factor in the overall cost of aluminium.

Aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth after oxygen and silicon and it’s mostly preferred because of its low density and ability to resist corrosion. Aluminum plays an essential role in different industries such as transportation, architecture, construction, motorsport and aerospace.

Benefits of aluminium

The uptake of aluminium in the different industries is continually increasing largely because of its standout benefits, which include its simplicity to process and work with. Compared to other metals like iron and steel, aluminium is more malleable and stands better against the test of time.

It is a low-density metal with a smooth surface and low dimensional tolerance and is not externally magnetisable. The metal can also be anodised for aesthetic purposes depending on the alloy making its applications more diverse.

Common grades provided

thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) offer a wide range of aluminium products. We have different grades of aluminium readily available for large and small customers and for different purposes. Our aluminium grades include the highly common 6063, which is commonly used for general fabrications, and 6082, which is available in sections and bars and is used for structural applications.

We also have grade 1050 which is this most common general purpose grade of aluminium sheet, 2014 is a high strength grade of aluminium and grade 5083 ideal for marine applications among others.

You can rely on our industry-leading technology, service and capacity to deliver large and small orders. We also provide bespoke grades to match different uses. Regardless of the size of your order or specifications thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) will deliver high-quality materials and on time.

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