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Aluminium sheets

Different Grades of Aluminium

It is very rare that 100% pure aluminium (Al) is supplied as a finished product and more often than not the aluminium is alloyed with various elements to add different properties.

THe different grades of aluminium are given a code to differentiate it and the European standard for these codes is as follows:

Series Alloying Element Heat Treatable* Extrusion Rolled Cast
1XXX (e.g. 1050) None - 99% Al No No Yes Yes
2XXX (e.g. 2014) Copper - Cu Yes Yes No Yes
3XXX (e.g. 3103) Manganese - Mn No No Yes No
4XXX (e.g. 4015) Silicon - Sn No No Yes No
5XXX (e.g. 5251) Magnesium - Mg No No Yes Yes
6XXX (e.g. 6063) Magnesium & Silicon - Mg & Sn Yes Yes Yes No
7XXX (e.g. 7075) Zinc - Zn Yes Yes Yes Yes
*Heat treatable alloys can be strengthened with thermal treatment. Non heat treatable alloys are strengthened through cold working which is more often than not, non heat treatable alloys are not extruded. Non heat treatable alloys are heated up during the annealing process.

You can find more detailed information about the precise makeup and proprties of each grade by looking at our datasheets.

Benefits of aluminium

thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) specialises in different grades of aluminium to fit different purposes as preferred by our customers. We offer both heat treatable and non-heat treatable varieties of aluminium grades.

Aluminium is commonly supplied as an alloy of aluminium and other elements. The variety you choose is determined by the purpose or use of the metal as the difference alloys react and handle different applications depending on their unique characteristics.

Our ranges of aluminium alloys include 1050 and 2014, which have impressive strength. The 3103 alloy, which is stronger than the 1050. The 5083 and 6063 among other varieties that are best suited for different applications in the aerospace and construction industry.

Each series in our range of aluminium grades are carefully constructed with different elements to exhibit certain features and characteristics that allow the aluminium grades to adapt to different demands in different applications.

Our range of aluminium grades also features options that have been cast, rolled, extruded and also varieties that have not gone through these processes. Our team is on hand to take you through the different grades that are available and their different features.

We offer a wide range of industry standard aluminium grades for different industrial applications. We also have bespoke and ‘special’ alloys for particular applications. Our bespoke grades follow the keen requirements of our customers to fit your specific applications.

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