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cnc machining

CNC Machining

CNC machining is the solution to the problems that most companies face when sourcing for parts. With our range of cutting-edge CNC machines like grinders, lathes, mills and routers, we can complete a vast range of three-dimensional cutting tasks using a single set of prompts.

A Full Range of CNC Machines

thyssenkrupp Materials UK offers a full range of CNC machining solutions, with a vast range of CNC machines to complete various tasks.

CNC Mills

CNC mills run on programs comprising of numbers and letters, which guide the workpieces through various distances. With the most advanced mills in the industry, we can process the most complex and delicate pieces with pin-point precision and efficiency.


CNC lathe machines cut pieces in a circular direction with high velocity and precision. Lathes can produce more complex designs quickly and easily. We have lathes directed by the G-code, and for more customised solutions - we also have options with the proprietary code.

Plasma cutters

Plasma cutting uses a plasma torch to cut various materials, including metal. The plasma, used in this process, is generated by combining air gas and electrical arcs for fast and efficient cuts through metal.

Application of CNC Machining

CNC machining is a broad process capable of completing various tasks for different industries. This process can be used to make tools and components for various applications, including:

  • Glass cutters

  • Laser cutters

  • Embroidery machines

  • Foam cutters

  • 3D printers

  • Wire-bending machines

  • Wood routers

  • Turret punchers

thyssenkrupp Materials UK CNC Machining – The Best in the Business

CNC machining has simplified the process of getting customised parts and components for various industries. But for the ultimate results, you need a partner that not only has the right machines but also the expertise to guarantee precise and quick delivery of the task at hand. thyssenkrupp Materials UK is that partner. Here’s why:

We use state-of-the-art automated machines to deliver precise, ready to use parts in record time. Our innovative methods of using double-head milling machines and cutting tools with several teeth ensure that we complete all client requests in the shortest time.

We can process large-scale pieces with a maximum weight of 30 tonnes and up to 1,150mm thick and 2,200 mm wide.

We are accommodative of clients with even bigger projects and can help find solutions that will expand our capacity to meet your requirements.

CNC machining is all about precision. In all our machining processes, from intricate material cutting to surface grinding, we ensure pin-point dimensional and geometrical accuracy even for the hardest materials.

Our end products exhibit the lowest intrinsic changes, improved geometrical qualities of flatness & parallelism and reduced tolerances.

Each of our machining processes can be tailored to your needs. With our revolutionary numerical machining process, we can handle diverse client requests ranging from roughing to semi-finished products.

Our five-axis machining services deliver parts, tools and components in a variety of sizes and shapes. We can also handle all five sides of a component in one configuration. With our diversity in machinery and experience, we can cater to the most complex requests with precision, efficiently and at affordable rates.

For machining processes like drilling, consistency is vital. With our efficient machinery and an expert technical team, we can guarantee consistency in every one of our workpieces. For our clients, this means the better and more consistent performance of their machines and increased efficiency in delivering end products.

thyssenkrupp Materials UK is a premier computer numerical machining service provider with extensive knowledge in the industry and many years of experience. We offer an extensive range of CNC machining services, following best industry practices and dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience. To find out more about our CNC machining services, contact our team of experts now: