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Additive Manufacturing

thyssenkrupp Materials UK – Your one stop shop for metal additive manufacturing

From material selection and supply to finished parts

With the rapid growth of metal additive manufacturing, our advanced metal powders are matched to the different machine types and the underlying processes, enabling us to supply you with the ideal powders for your printing process. But there are many more advantages to purchasing powders and additive services from us:

  • short delivery times

  • consistently high and monitored quality

  • optimised logistics worldwide

  • sustainable sourcing

metal additive manufacturing tk-play

We can support your whole metal additive manufacturing supply chain.

Our clients are using metal additive manufacturing technology to develop prototypes, short run manufacturing and complex one off designs for science, engineering, aerospace, repair and maintenance.

Metal Powders Portfolio

Standard materials
NameDIN/ENTypeCategoryStrength range
Rm (Mpa)
Rp0,2 (Mpa)
Vickers hardness
(HV 10)
316L1.4404Austeniticstainless590 – 660
490 – 540
17-4PH1.4542Ferritic Cr steelstainless,
750 – 910
550 – 590
1.27091.2709Maraging steelmartensitically
hardenable tool steel
970 – 1,050
750 – 900
Inconel 6252.4856Ni-base alloyhigh corrosion resistance920 – 1,000
660 – 750
Inconel 7182.4668Ni-base alloyhigh corrosion resistance,
high-temperature material
950 – 1,030
640 – 770
AlSi10Mg3.2382Aluminium alloylightweight structural
220 – 420
180 – 220
Ti6Al4V3.7164Titanium alloyhigh-strength
830 – 1,100
910 – 1,200
up to 385

We hold our standard range of metal powders in-stock for immediate availability.

Further powder materials include:

  • Ferro alloys

  • Carbides

  • Nitrides

  • Refractory metals

  • Soft magnetic alloys

  • Ni-base alloys

  • Ti alloys

  • Al alloys

  • Amorphous alloys

In addition to the standard materials commonly used for 3D printing today, thyssenkrupp Materials UK has a wide range of modification capabilities with regard to alloy structure, atomization and subsequent powder processing that allow us to manufacture and supply custom powders in batches from 50 kg. Ideally, modifications of this kind are carried out, tested and approved in close collaboration with the customer. Contact our experts today for advice on custom metal additive manufacturing powders.

Note: Strength and hardness properties strongly depend on heat treated condition of the manufactured part.

The best material quality ensured

thyssenkrupp’s central laboratories are certified to DIN EN ISO/IEC L7025:2005. All the powders we supply are subject to strict quality controls. The aim is to reduce the batch dependency of the powder properties to a minimum. Certificates of compliance can be included with deliveries.

Sustainable sourcing of metal powders

Sustainable sourcing of metal powders

Our powders are used in all branches of industry: Welding filler metals for almost all applications, hard coatings, brazing, sintering processes for the automotive and aerospace sectors, medical engineering, plus specific applications requiring special materials, including additive manufacturing. This broad range is made possible by thyssenkrupp’s global presence. We have sources around the world and can manage the raw material flows that are vital for various branches of industry in the most efficient and sustainable ways.

Download our brochure:

Additive Manufacturing Brochure
Additive Manufacturing Brochure

Post Printing Services

Producing metal 3D printed parts often requires additional industrial processes, which thyssenkrupp Materials UK has years of experience with. Methods like metal cutting and heat treatment are used to relieve internal stresses, have the metal support structures removed and finish the printed components.

We offer a full post build machining and turning service on all additive manufactured metal parts to ensure product performance as per the design. thyssenkrupp Materials UK uses state-of-the-art technology to bring custom CNC machining to the metal additive manufacturing market. Our network of sites across the UK allows us to offer capacity and competitive prices. It also means that we can produce both complex prototypes and low-volume production runs of 3D printed metal parts, with many surface finishes.

Get your 3D printed metal parts CNC machined, anodised or powder coated at thyssenkrupp Materials UK.

It’s like having an entire supply chain team for your metal additive manufacturing projects.

Contact our additive manufacturing experts: