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Aluminium sheets

Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheets are one of the most versatile and popular of all aluminium products. Their lightweight nature, strength and resistance to corrosion are among the properties that have fuelled their popularity and preference. Aluminium sheets are used in projects like vehicle panelling, artwork, building cladding and kitchen fitting among other applications. They can also be used in industrial applications and in the transport and defence sectors.


Aluminium sheets come in different finishes with different properties. The finishes are each best suited for different applications and each of them also comes with different looks for strength and aesthetic appeal.

Mill Finish

Mill Finish

This is the standard finish of aluminium. It is the unfinished product straight out of the mill and no other surface treatment has been done on the sheet after manufacture. To protect the surface of the mill finished aluminium, it can be covered with a thin layer of plastic (called polycoating) that can be peeled off. For projects where aesthetics are important, you should consider other finishing processes-

  • Polishing is applied mechanically using abrasive belts and gives the aluminium either a grained, stain finish or a bright reflective finish.
  • Painting is applied either as a wet coat or as a powder and can not only enhance the appearance but also protect the metal from corrosion.
  • Anodising is a process achieved by sumerging the aluminium in an acidic solution which reacts with the metal giving a matt, uniform protective finish. Different colours can be achieved by adding a dye to the solution during the process.

Stucco Aluminium


Stucco aluminium sheets are used in drain covers, trailers, vehicle lining and insulation and can also be used in the security industry. They are highly versatile and can be applied to many fields. The sheets are manufactured from the 1050 H14 grade of aluminium, which allows them to exhibit decent strength and resistance to corrosion.

Stucco sheets have a patterned finish which is applied by passing sheet through embossed rollers. The sheet normally has a semi reflective finish which makes it a good insulator.

Aluminium Treadplate


Also known as the floor plate, checker plate or the chequered floor plate, this aluminium finish has multiple bars raised for increased grip and safety. It is used as floor covering for slip resistance and is also used on commercial vehicles and vans. The applications of this material are diverse and stretch from being used on access ramps for its grip qualities to being used as a door, wall and column protection to prevent impact damage.

The tread plate is available in different sizes and lengths depending on the specifications of the client.

There are other types of finishes which include perforated aluminium, brushed finish, silver anodised and mirror bright polished. Each of these aluminium sheet finishes has precise properties, which are best suited for different applications.

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