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Metal Weight Calculator

As a leading supplier of stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel products, thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) are always looking to develop tools to help our customers.

As such, we are pleased to offer our browser extensions to help, calculate the weight of various forms of metal, calculate the square meter price from a kilo price and calculate the yield of sheet from a coil.

These extensions are available in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and can be found by clicking the links below.

In addition to having free browser extensions, we also have an app for android tablets and phones that features our metal weight calculator, imperial to metric converter as well as data sheets and a branch location finder.

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Google Play Store
Android App
Google Play Store
Android App

The metal weight calculator browser extension will help you estimate the theoretical weight of the different metals we offer based on their type, density and shape.

The square meter to kilo price converter will calculate the final price either per square meter or per kilo based on the relevant input price and can be used for mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

The square meters calculator gives an approximate yield of metal from given coil weights. This helps to understand the volume of metal that you can expect to achieve from specific coils

The imperial / metric converter alloys you to very simply convert either weights or distances between imperial and metric measurements.

The extensions are easy to use and have been designed specifically to be used by salespeople, buyers, architects, contractors, engineers and logistics personnel.

Our metal calculator browser extension has the following features:

  • a user-friendly interface with simple graphics
  • a wide variety of materials including steel, copper, lead, nickel alloys stainless steel and te custom densities of our aluminium alloys
  • The extension calculator also caters to different shapes of the materials we offer. It works with plates and sheets, round bars, flat bars, round tubes, angles, square tubes, hexagonal bars, channel and rectangular bars.

Please note that it is important to verify all calculations professionally or with our sales team to get the actual densities and total cost of the metals and that there might be a significant difference between theoretical and actual weight depending on the manufacturing tolerances of the material.

Important note

Our calculators and converters are for use as guidance only. thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) shall have no liability for any reliance placed on our calculators and converters.