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Titanium round bars

Titanium round bars are one of the most sought after titanium products at thyssenkrupp Materials UK. However, the making of titanium bars requires a far more automated process than the making of block and plate forms.

The bars come in over forty different grades, with the most common ones being grades 5 and 2. The bar comes in varying diameters of up to 14 inches.

Grades of Titanium Bar

Titanium bars come in multiple grades that vary in strength and resistance. At thyssenkrupp Materials UK, we offer titanium bars in the purest titanium forms of Grades 1 – 4, which are also the most durable. We stock titanium alloy bars that include grades 6-4, 6-2-4-2, 6-4 ELI and 6-2-4-6 as well.

Grades 2 and 5, which are the most common ones, combine excellent ductility, formability and weldability and are highly reliable metals.

Uses of Titanium Bars

Titanium bars are the most common titanium product. They are diverse and used in many applications in various industries.

  • Jewellery – Titanium bars are used to create luxury pieces of jewellery. The titanium often makes jewellery fasteners that create secure clasps that maintain a lustrous finish for a long time.

  • Aerospace industry – The aerospace industry is one of the largest consumers of titanium bars. Titanium is commonly used to make highly sensitive components. Bars are used to make the frame and some of the moving parts in the aircraft’s engine and propellers.

  • Laptop computers – Titanium bars have a modern and shiny look that makes it ideal for making laptops. Computer brands, mainly Apple, have used titanium bars to make laptop bodies, among other components of high-end laptops.

  • Armour – Titanium is lightweight and high strength. Titanium bars are often used to make fighter jets and other processes of making armour, while reducing the weight of the product and making it more durable.

  • Medical – Titanium is in high demand in the medical industry. Our range of titanium bars is used to make dental implants, joint and bone replacements, surgical implants and an assortment of surgical equipment.

Grade 12 titanium bars are excellent in welding applications that require high resistance to corrosion and performance in extreme temperatures.

Leading Supplier in the UK

thyssenkrupp Materials UK is a leading stockholder and supplier of high-performance engineering materials in the aerospace and other leading sectors. We have been supplying titanium products for many years and have an expansive knowledge of the different types of grades.

We have invested in state-of-the-art warehouses, strategically located throughout the UK that make it easy for us to serve clients in different locations. Our leading stock range of metals, including titanium bars, is of the highest standards and can be used in various sectors, including the medical and aerospace fields.

We can supply our titanium bars in large and small quantities. We can deliver the materials in stock lengths or we are able to offer cut-to-length services, depending on the specifications of the buyer. Our in-house logistics team will ensure your order is accurately delivered on time, ensuring you can keep the tight deadlines of your project.

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