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Aerospace Materials

thyssenkrupp Materials UK is a leading supplier and stockholder in the aerospace industry, providing aircraft grade and defence grade metals. We are market leaders in the supply of aircraft high performance metal alloys and super alloys to leading aircraft manufacturers and their subcontractors.

Our range of aerospace metals is used in the making of aero-engine and airframe parts. We are ISO9001 and AS9120 certified, with various vendor approvals for our excellent work in providing quality aerospace materials that include:

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium has been part of the aerospace industry, dating as far back as the 19th century. Although it’s composition by weight in airplanes has decreased over the years, it’s unique qualities of lightweight and strength have seen it remain a crucial material in the making of various airplane parts like engine components and parts of the airframe work.

2014This aluminium alloy consists of iron, copper, chromium, magnesium and several other elements. Known for its toughness, this aluminium alloy is suitable for arc and resistance welding.
2024It is a widely used alloy that consists of copper silicon, iron, aluminium and other elements. This high-grade alloy exhibits superb fatigue resistance and we often supply it in sheets. Its high tensile strength makes AA2024 an ideal metal in making the fuselage and wings.
5052Aluminium alloy 5052 has the highest strength of the non-heat treatable grades. It is also highly ductile and corrosion resistance. 5052 is formed into various shapes to make various structural components in an airplane.
6061Aluminium alloy 6061 is the heart and soul of small and light aircrafts and features on the fuselage and the wing skins. It is easily weldable and manipulated but fairly strong.
7050With high corrosion resistance and high resistance to fractures, this alloy is used to make the fuselage and wing skins of military aircraft. It is capable of withstanding the conditions, these planes are subjected to. We also supply grade 7068 aluminium alloy also known as the strongest alloy to date.

At thyssenkrupp Materials UK, we aim to stock for all aerospace metal applications - both common and rare. Some of the less common aluminium alloys we supply include:

6063Aluminium 6063 has an excellent aesthetic finish, which is why it is used in architectural aerospace applications.
7475This aluminium alloy features in the fuselage bulkheads of the larger aircraft because of its incredible strength and high resistance to fracture and fatigue.

For applications that require extra strong aluminium alloys, we can cold work some of the materials to enhance their strength profile.


Our line of titanium alloys is part of the heat-resistant super alloys. This range of alloys can resist extremely high temperatures, corrosion and constant wear. They also have excellent magnetic properties. Aside from being excellent electricity conductors, these titanium alloys are some of the toughest materials available.

Titanium AluminideCommonly used in airplane engines, titanium aluminide has the potential to improve thrust-to-weight ratio because of its lightweight nature. It is capable of maintaining its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance properties in temperatures of up to 6000C.
Ti 5553This is a relatively new addition to our line of aerospace metals. It is an alloy of titanium, aluminium, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. Its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight nature are among the features that make it perfect for various structural components in an airplane.


Although steel is heavier than aluminium and titanium, some of its alloys have outstanding characteristics that are invaluable to the aerospace and defence sector. It accounts for between 5% to 15% of the structural weight of commercial airplanes. Stainless steel alloys like stainless steel 304 and 316 are commonly used in applications that require stiffness and high strength, such as bearings, undercarriage components and gearing.

What sets thyssenkrupp Materials UK apart as an Aerospace Materials Supplier?

  • We are the market leaders for all aircraft grade and defence grade metals. We can supply aerospace metals in sheet, bar, tube, plate, billet or forging as per the requirements of your project.

  • Our materials are in full compliance with all quality approvals and standards.

  • We guarantee fast turn-around on all orders and accurate deliveries, according to the client’s request.

  • Our aerospace materials come with full certification and traceability back to the source. We can supply our clients with documentation on request.

To enquire regarding materials support for your aerospace and defence business, contact our helpful team of experts today.