Stainless steel box section

Stainless Steel Box Section

Stainless steel box sections merge the benefits of stainless steel and the sturdiness and lightweight nature of box sections. Because of the sheer strength and weight benefits, stainless steel box sections can be used in many applications.

Applications of stainless steel box sections:

Stainless steel box sections are commonly used to:

·         Make fittings and frames

·         Making furniture

·         Some grades are used in the food and catering industry


thyssenkrupp stocks stainless steel box sections in various grades. The grades that we stock are:

·         Grade 304 stainless steel box sections

·         Grade 430 stainless steel box sections

We can supply your preferred grade of stainless steel in cut to size and ready for use at site.


We supply stainless steel box sections predominantly in a brushed finish which gives the section a uniform aesthetic grain.

Get in touch with our team today for all your stainless steel box sections needs and browse through our catalogue for the various lengths and widths.

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