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Door opener with foot - The Footsy

Door handles are some of the most unhygienic surfaces in your office and homes.

Unfortunately, in most places, there are no hand washing stations directly outside the door. That calls for opening the front door with your hands first before you can wash them. At a time when hygiene is critical, this can be a crucial mistake that exposes your home to unseen germs and bacteria.

With our simple, easy to install Footsy, you can make it safe and hygienic to open your doors without touching the door with your hands.

What is the Footsy?

The Footsy is a unique creation from one of the leading innovators in the world – thyssenkrupp. It features a carefully designed aluminium plate that attaches to the bottom of your door.

The little plate is held firmly into place using three screws that screw directly to the door with minimal damage. Once the Footsy is in place, you only need to place your foot on the plate to pull the door open.

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A Simple Solution

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How to Use the door opener?

We have made the Footsy to make life easier, hygienic and safer for you and your family. Everything about the Footsy revolves around simplicity, effectiveness and hygiene.

There are only two simple steps to using the Footsy. 

Installation – The first step is installation. The installation of the Footsy is relatively simple and doesn't require any skills or special tools. You can have the footsy installed with a screwdriver. The Footsy has three small holes through which the screws attach the Footsy to the door.

Use the plate to pull back the door – To use the newly installed Footsy, all you need to do is place your shoe on the Footsy with a little pressure and pull back for the door to open. If you need lots of space, you can use your leg to open the door the rest of the way and walkthrough.