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Aluminium Composite Mounting Sections

In addition to being able to offer decoiled J57s UP and 1050 for cladding and facades, thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) also carry a range of extrusions designed to mount aluminium composite panels. These sections include complete panel mounting kits and are available from stock or, can be supplied in bespoke lengths.

Hat Section

Composite hat section

6 meter vertical rail

1.070kg / mtr

Section: 35953

tk reference: 202991

Section for Tray Panels

Female section for panel trays

6 metre 'female' section

0.634kg / mtr

Section: 37774

tk reference: 203542

Section for Tray Panels

Male section for panel trays

6 metre 'Male' section

0.667kg / mtr

Section: 37773

tk reference: 206479



Plastic clip

Section: MO2061

tk reference: 202806

Base Section

Base section

6 metre base profile

0.558kg / mtr

Section: 41489

tk reference: 229539

Window Connecting Section

Window connecting section

6 metre window connecting profile

0.375kg / mtr

Section: 38464

tk reference: 236910

Edge Section

Edge section

6 metre edge profile

0.140kg / mtr

Section: 24494

tk reference: 226952

Cover Section

Cover section

6 metre cover profile

0.335kg / mtr

Section: 32651

tk reference: 218652

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