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J57sUP was specially developed to cater for the modern requirements of high quality anodised facades.

The alloy's chemical composition is set within very narrow limits and in such a way that the anodised facade exhibits a striking metallic appearance.

Higher levels of manganese (Mn) and copper (Cu) in the composition compared to standard 5005 (AlMg1) alloys, together with a sophisticated manufacturing process, provide the platform for optimum uniformity in colour tone and gloss levels - even when using J57sUP from different production batches.

Non combustible

Aluminium is a non combustible product and so J57sUP benefits from having a A1 non combustible rating. This means that it does not ignite, produces very little smoke and does not drip when exposed to fire.

In addition to this, aluminium is a very good conductor of heat meaning that when exposed to fire, the heat is radiated away across the surface of the metal.

Stock Sizes

In the UK we hold standard stock of sheets from 1.5mm to 3.0mm thick. The widths that we offer are upto 1500mm in 1.5mm and upto 2000mm wide in 2.0mm and 3.0mm.

Decoiled to size

As well as supplying standard sizes from stock, we also have the capabilities to offer decoiled to size for specific projects.

Our coil processing division is the only approved decoiler of J57s UP in the UK meaning that we can offer a quick lead time on non standard sheets between 300mm and 6000mm long.

By using bespoke sizes, we can save you scrap, processing time and weight on your project.

Our ability to reduce your material, scrap and labour costs by supplying exact sheet sizes means that we can make you more competitive when quoting on projects.

Contact us to find out more.

What is the difference between J57s and J57s UP?

J57S is widely regarded as the premium anodising quality aluminium for architectural applications. It has been more-or-less the same product since it’s conception some 40 years ago.

With current high volumes and to better reflect present-day architectural requirements, the manufacturer - Novelis have created the new J57S - J57S UP.

Some slight adjustments have been made to the chemical composition (Fe, Cu and Mn) which, after anodising, presents a higher gloss finish on the material surface.

This alteration is more in keeping with the demand for a more vibrant surface, a more metallic surface, a more alive surface and further differentiates the new J57S from the competition in this regard.

The new material is still alloy 5005 and all the previous processing instructions for J57S still pertain to J57s UP. Only the protective film will change and will now mention the new material.

Furthermore, the Novelis warranty and the guarantee from United Anodisers remain the same. The product range in terms of production capability (including 2000mm wide) and standard sizes available in 1t lots are unchanged too.

Anodising tests thus far have shown that the two products are sufficiently different that they should not be placed side by side on the same façade. Special care should be taken when ordering, fabricating and anodising to ensure that the products aren’t mixed.