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Stainless steel melting points

Regardless of the grade, stainless steel is a metal and as such, has a melting point. This temperature is different for each grade because of the various alloys present in the metal. Stainless steel has defined quantities of each element however, there is also an allowable production tolerance of the quantity allowed. Because of this, the melting point of stainless steel is a range rather than a fixed temperature.

Below, is a list of the common grades of stainless steel along with their melting points:

Stainless steel melting points

Grade EN Specification Melting Point
1.4301 301 1400 - 1420°C
1.4305 303 1400 - 1420°C
1.4301 304 1400 - 1450°C
1.4307 304L 1400 - 1450°C
1.4845 310 1400 - 1450°C
1.4401 316 1375 - 1400°C
1.4404 316L 1375 - 1400°C
1.4541 321 1400 - 1425°C
1.4016 430 1425 - 1510°C

Every element has a specific melting point however, due to the manufacturing process, there is a tolerance for the amount of element present in each grade which is why the melting point is given as a range rather than a definitive number.

Please note that these temperatures are melting points rather than safe working temperatures. Different grades of stainless steel are best suited to different applications. Make sure the grade that you choose is suitale for the application.

To get more detailed information on the properties of stainless steel, please see our full range of data sheets.

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