CO-2 transparency along the entire supply chain

Sustainability is shaping the future of the manufacturing & engineering industry.

One of the biggest challenges we face is responsibly managing our resources, especially when it comes to materials, energy, logistics, etc. At thyssenkrupp Materials UK, we understand this challenge and take action. We're here to support you in adapting to evolving social expectations and regulations like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

Transparency is the first step towards change.

To achieve their sustainability goals, companies first need transparency about the drivers of their CO2 emissions. With our first and only DNV-verified Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) certificates, we can now provide you with this information. The calculation includes all direct and indirect emissions along the entire value chain and helps you to measure your environmental impact. We can also help you take action and reduce your carbon emissions for greener supply chain.

"We have publicly committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and we will continue to promote our vision of a sustainable future in collaboration with our customers. thyssenkrupp Materials UK prides itself on its environmentally responsible and ethical approach to serving our customers’ needs."

Billy Kingsbury
CEO at thyssenkrupp Materials UK

Our greenability brand can help you in the 3 main sustainability areas for your scope 3. Click on the elements below to learn more:

Making conscious decisions to reduce CO2 emissions.

Terms such as "green steel" and "green aluminium" are not clearly defined today. When classifying our materials, we therefore consider the manufacturing processes as well as internationally recognised standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO standard 14067 and EPDs. This allows us to create a clear and comprehensible classification into three categories to give you transparency and guidance when purchasing materials.

CO2 product classification

CO2 product classification for aluminum

CO2 product classification for steel and stainless steel

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