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Wear Perform (XAR®) - More perspectives with wear-resistant steels

Wear Perform (XAR®) - More perspectives with wear-resistant steels


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The Wear Perform range is our eXtra Abrasion Resistant steels from thyssenkrupp Steel Europe are the solution for applications where wear is a key factor.

Wear Perform is available in various grades from 300 HBW to 600 HBW and plate thicknesses from 4,00 mm to 100 mm, tailored to particular applications, e.g. mining equipment, earthmoving machinery, steel mill and cement plant equipment, agricultural machinery, etc.

Wear Perform 400 and 450 plates can also be supplied as cut-to-length plates in thicknesses from 4,00 up to 8,00 mm. Due to their very close thickness tolerances of ±0.008’’ (±0,2 mm) they offer weight reduction benefits as well as advantages in terms of cold forming.

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Wear-resistant steel

Thanks to their extreme hardness and toughness, WearPerform heavy plates last at least five times longer than conventional structural steel. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offers further special wear-resistant structural steels.

WearPerfom wear-resistant steels have proved successful in various applications in which wear and abrasion are major cost factors. Thanks to their high hardness, wear can be minimized and component life increased.

The wide range of grades allows designers to choose the optimum steel for the particular application taking loading and production conditions into account. XAR® steels have found a wide range of applications in important areas of engineering.

We have an array of wear resistant steel grades available:

  • XAR® 300

  • XAR® HT

  • XAR® 400

  • XAR® 400 W

  • XAR® 400 HR

  • XAR® 450

  • XAR® 500

  • XAR® 600

Properties of WearPerform (XAR)

Higher Wear Resistance

Good Cutting and Weldability

Better Formability

Lower Costs

How is and where is Wear Perform Used?
Typical applications and uses for Wear Perform (XAR) include:

Mining Equipment, Earth Moving Equipment, Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Coal-fired Power Stations, Agricultural Machinery and many more...

Special Vehicles

Cranes, civil protection vehicles or ships – special-purpose vehicles are used wherever demanding tasks must be performed. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe provides high-performance solutions for the respective field of application setting new standards on the market.


The demolition industry relies on the equipment it uses heavily and this equipment can take extreme punishment when being used. Wear Perform being extra wear-resistant allows for the equipment to withstand heavy use.


Cost-effective recycling and volume reduction needs reliable and sustainable shredders.

Plant Engineering

Modern machinery and plant engineering needs innovative technologies and reliable as well as high-quality materials. thyssenkrupp Steel Europe develops and manufactures products that both technically and economically belong to the most efficient products of our time.


More environmental protection, more safety and cost efficiency are important issues in the automotive industry. As a long-standing partner, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe understands these requirements and provides comprehensive industry-specific expertise with regard to material as well as technology. 

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Have you seen our new Steelbay Exchange? Click to Discover More

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