Aluminium flat bars are a general purpose extrusion with many applications depending on the grade. Some of the applications of aluminium flat bars include use in the transportation industry, marine, cold rooms, in the structural/architecture industry and in the manufacture of mining and industrial equipment.

Grades, tempers, surface finishes and sizes  

thyssenkrupp has an extensive collection of aluminium flat bar sizes to suit every application. We can supply the flat bars individually or by mass production depending on the size of the order and the requirements of the clients.

The most popular grades and tempers of the aluminium flat bar include:

·        6063 T6

·        6082 T6

In addition to the different grades and tempers of aluminium flat bars available, thyssenkrupp can also supply various finishes and lengths of aluminium flat bars. We offer anodised and bright polished options each suited for different applications.

The flat bars are also available in different sizes and for clients that want custom lengths, we offer cut-to-size services.

Get in touch with us today. Our extensive range of aluminium flat bars will satisfy all your needs and our logistics department will ensure all your orders are delivered to the site on time and as described.

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