Behind the scenes at thyssenkrupp Materials (UK)

The videos below have been filmed to show you the behind the scenes workings of our operations and metal processing facilities. You can see how aluminium plate is cut and how 25 tonne coils are cut down to narrow slits.

Go behind the scenes and see how we process sheet and coil material

  • Coil Processing - Blanking
    Coil Processing - Blanking
    How we cut coil products down to blanks
  • Coil processing - slitting
    Coil Processing - Slitting
    See how we take a 25 tonne coil and cut it to narrow slits
  • Coil processing - special edges
    Coil Processing - Special Edges
    See how we remove the sharp edges on strip stainless steel
  • Coil Processing - Traverse Line
    Coil Processing - Traverse Line
    See how we join to pancake coils together to allow a longer running time
  • Cut to size - aluminium bar products
    Cut to Size - Aluminium Bar Products
    See how we cut down aluminium bar to bespoke sizes
  • Cut to size - aluminium plate products
    Cut to Size - Aluminium Plate Products
    See how we cut aluminium plate down to bespoke sizes
  • Polycoating Made Easy
    Polycoating Made Easy
    See how we polycoat sheet aluminium and stainless steel
  • The aluminium extrusion process
    The Aluminium Extrusion Process
    Ever wondered how aluminium is extruded?