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Stronger Together

Stronger Together

The operating businesses thyssenkrupp Materials UK and thyssenkrupp Aerospace UK are merged into a joint company under the name thyssenkrupp Materials UK, as part of the strategic path the company has developed to elevate our “Materials-as-a-Service” proposition and ensure flexible and reliable source and transport of materials to our customers. The new set-up is intended to make more effective use of digital synergies such as ERP automations and improved operational cooperation. We believe more than ever that the creation of our new entity thyssenkrupp Materials UK is absolutely the right decision for the future viability of our teams and business. 

We are convinced that working stronger together, as a combined business, will ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our customers, creating more shared expertise and know-how and building a faster and more flexible way of working, which will result in a more secure future for our teams. The merger is already proving to be a successful strategic decision, as we are witnessing benefits across operational efficiency, organisational structure and customer relations.  

Billy Kingsbury, COO of thyssenkrupp Materials UK, commented: “With a more flexible, stronger logistics and administration proposition, we will be able to focus our combined talent to its full extent towards the “Materials-as-a-Service” strategy, across a wider range of market sectors. We look at this merger as an opportunity to learn from each other and share our capability, knowledge and resources to offer materials and services as efficiently across all sectors. The merger will also provide us with the ability to pursue 4PL opportunities with our existing customer base and digital custom-tailored solutions to expand to other customers as well”.

With stronger administrative and logistical structures through the merger, we have already started shaping the “Materials-as-a-Service” proposition by developing a new SAP system, utilising existing sites and increasing operational transparency, with the final aim to deliver reduction in G&A costs and efficiency and sustainability improvements.

Some of our successful projects from the recent merger:

Bundled engineering expertise for major customers

Stronger Together Blue Chyp

thyssenkrupp Materials UK has partnered with Blue Chyp, a specialist hybrid balcony provider, for the manufacturing and supply of lightweight, carbon neutral, MMC, bolt-on balconies. Together, we opened a ‘state-of-the-art’ factory in the West Midlands region in October 2020. The Cobalt Hybrid Balcony SystemR from Blue Chyp is the only product in market to offer 88% carbon saving vs traditional balconies. Off-site manufacturing, at our factory, enables time on-site to be dramatically reduced, with deliveries to site reduced by 8 times. This flagship product is manufactured, using a modern blend of exclusively non-combustible materials to reduce weight and increase strength. Bringing thyssenkrupp aerospace engineering expertise to the construction industry, together with Blue Chyp, we are proud to deliver the only truly adjustable MMC balcony system in the market.

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Effective operational cooperation for the win

Stronger Together Ajax

thyssenkrupp Materials UK has been recently awarded with a new contract for the supply of defence armour and commercial grade raw materials as part of the Ajax armoured vehicle programme. Ajax is the British Army’s new multi-role, fully-digitised armoured fighting vehicle, offering versatility and agility, being delivered through the biggest single order of armoured vehicles in a generation. thyssenkrupp Materials UK was able to win this contract based on our strategic utilisation of existing business units across both aerospace and materials.

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Materials-as-a-Service Development Team

In order to enhance the ‘Materials-as-a-Service’ (or MaaS) concept, we have leveraged existing operational services to create value for our customers. To support this, we have also assembled a new, cross-functional MaaS Development team. The team will utilise our technical capability in manufacturing and engineering to design solutions that deliver maximum value across the entire supply chain.

Graham Hinton, Head of Materials-as-a-Service Development team explains: "The MaaS Development team will work closely with the Operations team and will support the introduction of new work packages into the business. We will also coordinate with the Sales and Marketing functions the most appropriate services to exploit and optimise in order to create added value to the supply chains. The MaaS Development team will then work internally with the business or its partners to aid the transfer of the opportunities into the organisation and act as a subject matter experts to support our commercial managers."

To find out what opportunities the new MaaS Development team can create for your business, contact our experts today.

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